BELTTT BLP Series Inverter is coming!
Time: 2021-11-01 Reads: 5912 Edit: Admin

      In 2021, Poojin Electronics has completed the market launch of the upgraded new BLP series of the pure sine wave inverters. The launch of this upgraded product has established BELTTT high-end product image, which is more conducive to improving BELTTT’s reputation and the company’s cooperate image. The launch of this series is a strong market support for dealers and is more conducive to larger market promotion.

      This BELTTT BLP series inverter are currently available in 1000W,2000W,3000W versions. Use a shiny aluminum alloy silver shell, smoother and more textured stickers, and the design is more beautiful. The side panel added a display panel and a remote control interface, which more prominently shows the important technical information of BELTTT, bring users a better using experience.



High-quality pure sine wave output, distortion less than 5%.

Peak power to 2000W/4000W/6000W

Digital circuit design, low no-load power consumption, wide input voltage range, strong starting load capacity, high reliability.

Setting through the display panel, can be set according different functional requirements.

High conversion efficiency, up to 93%。

Multiple protection-high/low voltage protection, high temperature protection, overload protection, short circuit, long life.

The fault code is displayed clearly.

Intelligent fan control, improve the service life of inverter and fan

Using environment temperature is wide, can reach: -20 ~45

The wired remote control panel can be separated to control the switch, the cable length is 6 meters (optional)

EU CE safety testing certification

Applications: Home appliances, power tools, office and portable equipment, vehicles and yachts and other application scenarios.

3 years warranty


The brand-new BLP series has been delivered to the warehouse and officially launched on the market, I believe that the BELTTT BLP series will definitely bring you a brand new feeling! Welcome to contact us.